As a Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, your time with me is reimbursable!

Each insurance company and policy is different, and coverage of nutrition services is solely the discretion of your insurance carrier. Please contact your insurance company directly regarding possible reimbursement. I've seen up to 100% of visit costs covered.  

Unsure if your insurance will cover nutrition (or sure it won't)? I offer many ways to make nutrition care affordable.

I currently accept:

  • Cigna

  • Highmark BCBS

How it works:

  1. Schedule an appointment.

  2. After your appointment, I provide you with a super bill that you can submit to your insurance company.

  3. If approved, your insurance company sends you a check, reimbursing you for all or part of your appointment.

Things to Know:

  • Your personal insurance policy determines i the number of visits and amount reimbursed. Please check with your insurance company for these details. Need guidance? See "Questions to Ask your Insurance Company" below!

  • Unfortunately, I am unable to provide super bills for Medicare and Medicaid patients at this time.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company:

1. Does my plan include nutrition counseling as a benefit? (the CPT codes for nutrition counseling are: 97802 & 97803) 

  • If you have Cigna or Highmark: Is Rachel Hershberger in-network for my plan?

2. Are specific diagnoses needed in order for nutrition counseling to be covered?  If so, what are they?

3. Do I need a referral? (Please note: It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary referrals prior toy our first appointment)

4. How many visits are covered per benefit period?

5. What is my benefit period? ________________ to ________________